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Programmable controllers are at the core of process control. These controllers may be small, dedicated micro or loop controllers, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC), or Distributed Control Systems (DCS). Uptime Automation has been successfully implementing programmable controllers since our company’s founding. In fact, we are a leader in the process-control industry, recognized as an authorized System Integrator (SI) by all major industrial programmable controller manufacturers.

Uptime Automation’s success and recognition as a programmable controller system integrator can be attributed to our many years of experience and our proven project methodology that includes:

  • Writing open, easily maintained programs
  • Documenting programs with instruction comments, tag descriptors, rung comments and annotated program files
  • Utilizing standard template methodology that includes repeated functions such as motor control, valve control and analog input control. Our template methodology provides:
    • Program consistency
    • Ease of troubleshooting
    • Thorough documentation
    • Rapid program development
    • A customer training tool
  • We have developed templates that include:
    • Motor control
    • Valve control
    • Analog monitoring
    • Discrete alarms
    • PID control loops (feed forward, cascade, etc.)
  • Our process-control programming expertise has been applied across many industries for many different process applications, including:
    • Standards development
    • Batching
    • Web line handling
    • Bulk materials handling
    • Sequences
    • Messaging
    • Recipe management
    • Lead/lag logic
    • Variable frequency drives
    • Alarm handling
    • FGIS Secure and Protected PLC’s
    • SCADA systems
    • Languages–Ladder Logic, Sequential Function Chart, Structured Text, Function Block Diagram
    • RFID and bar code systems
    • Motion control